... Jana took after Vašík from his 10 months approximately twice a week and it worked great. Jana is very kind, responsible, empathetic and communicative. I very much appreciate that she is tardiness and tries to accommodate me in time, I have been able to accommodate the babysitter many times and Jana takes all the changes very flexibly and willingly. I am also glad that Jana always tells me what they did and I see that she is interested in Vaek, he watches what he enjoys, she notices what progress she is making. Vaukov quickly got used to Jana, from the very first meetings he always runs to her and smiles. We were very lucky to find Jana. I can highly recommend it.

Zuzana Krykorková and son Vašík

...dobrý den.
I am so pleased to know that jana is opening her own kindergarten. She is used to look after my children for more than a year and she is doing it perfectly. When leaving my kids to her, I am peaceful mind. And of course kids are happy to see her, because they know that they will have good times with her ( drawing, playing inside or outside, reading stories...). don't hesitate to contact her....


"Perfect care in a very pleasant environment . Hugo was happy here from day one.

....."I highly recommend these children group :) firstly perfect accessibility right in the center, but most importantly really individual approach to each child thanks to a smaller group of children. Aunts here are very nice, patient, you can see that they do it with love for children. The environment is very beautiful, very nice spaces even with outdoor enclosed enjoyment, so the kids are outside but still safe maniches. Diapers, fed babies, nothing here is a problem. We thank and gladly recommend."

Lucie  and son Hugo.